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Welcome Angela

Agency Leticia Rodrigues & Heloisa Ribeiro

Client NCL 2021 | Leticia Rodrigues & Heloisa Ribeiro


NCL 2021

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Angela is a BOT that helps women in violent situations by providing psychological and legal support, transportation to police stations and even shelter. It's a tool that REALLY makes a difference, so we had to give it a proper launch, on International Women's Day, to reach as many women as possible.

First we gave her a face: we made Angela a black woman, with a style that breaks the standard. Then she needed to be heard, so we made her a respected professional, with a Linkedin profile and a real job. Well, actually more than 30 jobs.

To make a PR stunt, we released to national press the story of a woman who was hired by companies like Uber, Dow, GE and 27 other companies as a Human Resources specialist, at the same time. The whole country started to ask who this "professional phenomenon" was.

The story was revealed in one of the most popular TV shows on Brazilian tv, when the hostess Ana Maria Braga (a kind of Brazilian Oprah Winfrey) interviewed Angela live. On that day, there were over 13 thousand new accesses to the BOT. More than a great news, Angela came to the spotlight, where she could be seen by many other women as an ally.

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The pandemic isolation increased domestic violence by 70%. That blew our minds. The good news was that Avon Institute already had a tool to help women in such situations, a BOT called Angela. The bad news was that Angela was practically unknown. So we saw an opportunity to quickly and concretely help these women and make something relevant for the world. We're not romantic. We are just exhausted of many wrong things going around, and we just couldn't stand still.

As Avon Institute works as an NGO, we had a low budget to properly launch Angela and get people's attention, we knew we had to be accurate and work harder as a team. There was no chance for errors, nor for creative ego.

Welcome Angela was an idea created together with another female duo. Facing a pressure condition and working with people who we normally don’t, was extremely important to learn how to be kind and open up to different opinions. Giving in doesn’t mean losing, but growing. The whole process was very harmonious and absolutely "girl power", because we simply rocked as a united team, as creatives, as women.

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