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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work


Agency Leticia Rodrigues & Heloisa Ribeiro

Client NCL 2021 | Leticia Rodrigues & Heloisa Ribeiro


NCL 2021

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#PPKSEMTABU is a movement to break the taboos involving women's intimate health. Before continuing, we must explain it. PPK (short for PEPEKA) is a common Portuguese word for vagina, something like 'vajay'. #PPKSEMTABU (in Portuguese) can be translated as #MakeVajayOkay.

Gino-Canesten, a medicine from Bayer to treat vaginal infections, was facing a sales problem. On research, they found out that most of the women in Brazil were using homemade products as a treatment. Why? Because they were embarrassed about talking about the problem and going to a drugstore to buy the medicine. We rely on data to start this conversation: in Brazil, there are more than 4.000 words to call a vagina. And it reveals a fact, maybe people come up with nicknames because they feel embarrassed even to say the word "vagina". We realized giving names to the vagina wasn't the issue, the issue was that women didn't feel comfortable to talk about the vagina itself. We developed this whole argument using these names to approach a friendly conversation, motivating them to talk about their vaginas and intimate health. The more women felt comfortable with the subject, the more they were talking about it freely. Gino-Canesten scored the highest market share in the history of the brand and sales record, proving that at least now women are taking care of their intimate health properly.

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Wunderman Thompson

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This was a global brief, aiming a digital-core campaign to make a buzz. Since the beginning, we knew this project would be a big challenge. A pharmaceutical brand, with a lot of don'ts, and a conservative narrative. On the other hand, as a female duo, we knew how to provoke this conversation among women. It's true that we often fight for the conception of "women can create for anything and not only for female issues". But, there are some issues where we can speak better than anyone, and vagina is one of them, obviously. We treated the problem with the necessary sensibility and normalization, so women found it as a friendly conversation. Also, we requested that most of the production team was composed only of women. The agency team, the director, the illustrator, the producers, the photographer. All women. This entire female eye gave the precise tone of voice to make a campaign that really engaged with women.


Case Study - #PPKSEMTABU (#MakeVajayOkay)

Manifesto - Make Vajay Okay

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