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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

Hidden Fridges

Agency Leticia Rodrigues & Heloisa Ribeiro

Client NCL 2021 | Leticia Rodrigues & Heloisa Ribeiro


NCL 2021

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In Brazil, Carnival is the most important event of the year. All brands are fighting for consumer’s attention, especially the beer brands. Amstel is relatively new in Brazil and its market share is low. To make matters worse, our competitor was the official sponsor of the street Carnival, which means that people would only find their beer, not Amstel. The street parades are the most diverse part of the party: people from all kinds of gender, race, sexual orientation and social conditions having fun together. So, why should they have only one option of beer to drink? To bring Amstel to the party, we did just as people do in Carnival: we dressed up our fridges with costumes. So, we hid them in the middle of the competitor's street parede and gave tips (through geolocalized posts on Instagram) to consumers on how to find Amstel. When they found them, they could have the beer for free. Fun, inclusive and for everybody: that's how people started talking about Amstel afterwards.

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Wunderman Thompson

My Role in This Project
Believe it or not, we heard a lot that women couldn't work with beer brands because we were not experts on it. We may not be experts on the best hops, but we are experts on facing challenges. Our challenge here was to make people talk about Amstel during the Carnival in Brazil, even with the massive presence of the competitor. As all beer brands in Brazil drive their speeches to men, we used the perspective of diversity to draw attention to the product. In a gamified way, we approached consumers welcoming everyone. We hacked Carnival to beat the competitor's monopoly and brought the diversity that a party like carnival deserves. Amstel gained relevance into the LGBTQIA+ community and became the 3rd most consumed beer brand during Carnival. Hidden Fridges also opened the doors to a close relationship with the client and turned us into the main duo of the account.

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