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Agency Leticia Rodrigues & Heloisa Ribeiro

Client NCL 2021 | Leticia Rodrigues & Heloisa Ribeiro


NCL 2021

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Brazil is one of the main players in advertising marketing. But as awarded as it is, few are the opportunities to those who are "out of the bubble". And it's a fact: there are so many talents being underused due to the industry's inability to look at them and the lack of equal opportunities. The "periferias" are filled with creativity, references, beauty and fresh eyes - everything advertising always aimed for. But, as we came to understand, our industry only celebrates the diversity in manifestos, not in the workplace.

PerifaLions is a non-profitable social project designed to bring these invisible young talents to the spotlight. Through workshops, talks and mentorships we have already connected more than 300 students with big names in leading agencies, resulting in dozens of hirings in less than a year. Why? Because these professionals quickly realized what we have noticed when we started dedicating our free time to mentor students: creativity is much better combined with diversity.

Can you imagine how many talents the advertising marketing is losing with such an elitist eye?

This project is:
Personal/passion project

Personal/passion project

My Role in This Project
Leticia created the project in 2019, a little bit before we started working together. Heloisa saw a newborn PerifaLions and was a great supporter from the beginning. The project started as a creative contest, inspired by the Young Lions Competition, but focused on taking students from socially vulnerable outskirts to Cannes Festival.

When the pandemic arrived, the project needed to be rebuilt. With social isolation, what these students needed was not to go to Cannes but to be connected and seen by the job market. These connections happened through workshops, talks and mentorships. And that's when Heloisa joined forces with PerifaLions. Together we decided to be mentors of the female duos in the project. We realized that they feel more confident and secure having other women around.

We know female creatives are in low numbers, especially in leadership positions, but the ones out there were always an inspiration for us. So we wanted to give back. When they look at us, they feel confident to project themselves into the big agencies' creative teams. That's what happened to Helen and Juliana, for example, a female duo that we helped build their portfolios and now they are shining as a team in Grey Brazil.

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