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NCL 2021

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Andressa Alves’ story could be the same as many girls who liked soccer and had to change their dreams after being overwhelmed by the rules of patriarchy. We decided to tell the history of this athlete to break the cycle and to support any girl that doesn't want to give up on their dreams. After all, if the world plays against you, you got to show them what a dream is capable of.

The project had global visibility - the film of Andressa Alves’ story was released on the main Instagram channel of the brand (@nike).

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Wieden+Kennedy SP

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As a woman, I have always been kept away from soccer due to stereotypes. I’ve never had a ball as a gift. So, joining this project, I asked myself “How couId I create ideas for this strange universe?”.

It turned out that the absence of this sport in my past was exactly my stronger connection with this project. Alongside with my creative partner, I had the honor of reading pages and pages of an interview with Andressa Alves in order to learn enough about her to present her story to the world and inspire more women to stay strong, “stay crazy”.

Well, it seems crazy that Andressa Alves, Brazilian football striker, started her career ripping off doll heads. But that’s the true story behind her - and behind many of other female football players. So first, we created a film that presented this crazy story. Then we brought upcoming stories of girls who wanted to play football through a stunt idea.

To read about Andressa, tell her story and create an idea with the same punchy as her past was a transformational process for me. As a creative, art director and woman, that was my biggest professional challenge so far. And the one I'm most proud of: across the conceptualization until the post-production, I stayed resilient, kept my female perspective and sensibility while I had to work hard to deliver the best job possible. We kicked out all of the difficulties for make it happen during the process.

The highest moment was when I heard my 11-year-old cousin talking to her friend about a video she watched of a little girl playing soccer with doll heads - not knowing it was my project.

I could see the change happening.

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