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Agency Paula Essig

Client NCL 2021 | Paula Essig


NCL 2021

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People that use PHSD are always recreating themselves, wearing something totally different everyday. For them, the truth is multiple, just like the way they dress, their lifestyle, values and even religion. They are proud of being different. They welcome changes. So, the launch of the new clothing collection "Different is Good" is inspired by what was always within them: the ability to create.

The film was projected during a release at the Void Store/Bar. After the film exhibition, there was the Vogue Nights - a voguing dance competition that PHSD audiences usually participate in. The main dancers were wearing the clothes and accessories from the new collection.

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My Role in This Project
It is sensible to talk about causes that aren’t yours. And that’s why it is so important to understand your role in it.

This project started with an independent fashion brand called PHSD asking me and a friend of mine (also an art director) for a photoshoot. Paula (who, at that time, identified herself as him, Paulo) is the person behind the brand: she had created it, managed it, designed the clothes, sewed it, sold it and even did all the communication work.

We understood how much that meant to her and how much she dedicated herself, alone, to make it work. We saw there a very interesting brand with so much to communicate to an audience that doesn't see themselves in most brand communications (LGBTQIA+) - at least not honestly.

We felt so involved in this pro-bono project that we decided to go further. First, we talked to more friends - other agency talents and production companies, mainly women - and formed a nice team. (The gathering, for me, is the most touching one about personal projects)

So, between art directors, copywriters, directors and (Paula, the owner) we created a strong launch campaign for the brand's new clothing collection “Different is Good” - formed by a short film and graphic materials with fashion photos.

As one of the leaders of the project, I worked on the conceptualization, pre-production (which also included set dressing), production and post-production (directing the film edition, the audio production and developing the art direction of all the materials).

I learnt a lot about leadership (in a volunteering environment) and empathy - through a team driven solely by the idea of ​​making an impact.

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