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In March 2019, more specifically on International Women's Week, we showed a Brazilian example of "It's Only Crazy Until We Do It" in Brazil's reality. A journey that would culminate in the FIFA Women's World Cup, but started with the first open-air exhibition dedicated exclusively to female players, on the most iconic avenue in São Paulo. A perfect craziness to show the story of several female players who were first called crazy until someone called them genius.

From now on we will guarantee they won't be unknown players anymore.

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Isn't it ironic that the "Country of Soccer" ignored half of the national soccer story?
The female half.

It was a shock to realize that I only knew male players' names, right when I was joining a project whose objective was to present the Brazilian Female female soccer players.
To nobody's surprise all of their stories contain huge amounts of difficulties and sexism - but those push backs were never strong enough to stop them.

We wanted people to know not only of our players' past, but the brazilian female soccer as a whole: with struggles and prohibitions, but also with a huge power of women who fought against it and paved the way for other female players yet to come.

It was all about democratizing the entire context of the untold half of Brazilian Soccer. And the most democratic way of doing it is through traditional OOH – by giving the passersby of one of the biggest country avenues, Paulista Ave, an open sky exhibition of Brazilian Female Soccer. The first ever.

I had the pleasure of being part of the conceptualization, the visual production, and the organization of this chaptered story in all of the OOHs of the avenue from side to side, imagining the path that people would take to read everything. After doing this digitally, I did it for real: accompanying the assembly of the exhibition and registering everything with my camera - a personal archive that later on became part of our videocase.

To paste those iconic women and their stories on the street walls was a liberating feeling as if we were, finally, releasing their voices, once on mute. Now that we know the whole story, we can only hope that they get the visibility, support and inspiration to keep playing the good game against inequality.

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