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Agency Paula Essig

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NCL 2021

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As an official sponsor of Tomorrowland, a global electronic music festival that happens every year, Beck’s - a beer brand - needed to announce its point of view. They also wanted to have their target joining them in the festival. Because of the global pandemic situation, the festival would happen the same way it happened one year before: digitally.

Truth is: with more than one year of isolation, people were already tired of virtual events. We had to find a message that could inspire them to keep celebrating their way through a better tomorrow.

We realized what makes a festival so compelling: it's the crowd. Being among such a large number of people is exactly what makes us feel that we're part of something bigger.
Alas, we don’t feel the crowd through a digital festival. We don’t see each other there, we're not in the same physical place.

At the same time, the quarantine moment seemed to enable the biggest crowd act ever: everybody in the same boat, doing the same, trying to imagine how our tomorrow would be.
A new tomorrow is going to need a new definition of a crowd. One that can still be a crowd even apart – how? By doing the same thing. Despite where those people are, people just need a common action to feel connected.

We choose one of the oldest revolutionary shared actions: the dance.

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After more than one year of social isolation due to the quarantine, it was hard to think about inviting people to enjoy a digital festival (especially after so many others). Me and my creative partner had this hard task on us. We stayed for long days looking for inspiration to create a true message, something that people really would like to hear and that could convince them to join the global Tomorrowland Digital Festival.

This creative process was very rich for me, because I could change the perspective about the meaning of some key words. We are already proving that we can work, have fun and do a lot more without having to be physically at the same place. This side of the pandemic times gave us freedom to reinvent the way we live and do everything. It gave space for future lifestyles that were, actually, already possible with one of the greatests human inventions: the internet. Everything is possible. That’s a great sandbox for creators.

After presenting and approving the concept (the Beck’s POV of the Tomorrowland Festival) and the campaign (film, keyvisual, creative activations) I had the pleasure of participating in each detail of the production - something I love to do. For me, it’s magical to see everything becoming real. To take the decisions like the casting, set and post-production of a big project, even remotely, felt amazing. I could feel the client trust raising at the same time an excellent creative outcome was borning.

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