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Andressinha was born in a city in Brazil where almost every girl wanted to be a model. For her, breaking this barrier to become an important soccer player was a lonely and difficult road. Another bizarre story behind a big female player who went further on her dreams, even having to go against every single voice.

We came up with an idea to pass the message through the most simple, direct and impact way. Andressinha occupied a classic space where the tradicional models always are: the cover of the Glamour magazine, known as one of the biggest fashion publishing references in the country. Besides that, this edition of the magazine included a big interview with her about her journey.

Andressinha had a lot of visibility as she deserves, bringing the discussion around the pressure that people put on women's professional careers. She keeps inspiring a lot of other girls to play football and, without noticing, she became another kind of model.

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Andressinha, came from the south of Brazil, a region where we had a lot of german and italian colonization. Because of this, she naturally has the European aesthetic traits - known as the classic standard stereotyped of beauty invented by society.

As women, people - without even consulting us - always had a plan for us. So, if you fit into the beauty industry, you should work, undoubtedly, like a fashion model. That’s what people expect from you: to explore your appearance. Because – according to them – you probably don't have other skills that could transform you into a reference of something else: a model of something else.

To be part of this project was just like giving society the best answer ever for this kind of “non-asked opinion”: every woman can be the model of what she wants to do, in any field. Even those that are considered extremely masculine, like soccer.

For my luck and honor, after participating in all the creative process, I could meet Andressinha in person during the shooting we made with her in the Arena Corinthians (a big and beautiful stadium of one of the biggest soccer clubs in Brazil). After the production, I was able to select the best photos and direct the post-production. With the edition of the magazine released, we dressed an entire newsstand with copies of it. Besides that, again I used something that I love to do in order to have nice records of the activation: I took my camera there and did a few clicks.

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