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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

Bully a Plant

Agency Hyun Seo Yoo

Client NCL 2021 | Hyun Seo Yoo


NCL 2021

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To raise awareness around Anti-Bullying Day on 4th May, IKEA partnered with GEMS Wellington Academy in the UAE to conduct a unique social experiment with thousands of children. We set up a live experiment at a local school by placing two IKEA plants in soundproof glass box. Complimenting one plant with positive words, and bullying the other plant with negative words for 30 days. As the children interacted with the experiment each day, the drastic difference between the plants began to speak for itself - while the complimented plant continued to thrive, the bullied plant was visibly struggling, and looking dull with droopy brown leaves. Speaking discussion among students, parents, and teachers, even outside the classroom, while hearing their experiences with bullying along the way. If this is how a plant reacts to verbal bullying, imagine what it does to a child.

This project is:

Memac Ogilvy

My Role in This Project
Art Director
Created the idea then lead and developed the full campaign from start to finish including setting up the installation, social experiment, in store materials and social activation.

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