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The UN Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund: Giving My Two Cents with Kristen Bell

Agency Emma Zakes Green

Client NCL 2021 | Emma Zakes Green


NCL 2021

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The #givingmy2cents campaign for the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund was created to raise awareness for their work supporting women’s organizations in conflict zones worldwide. We used their social channels to highlight the work of the women they parter with, educate the public on women's participation in global peace building, and launched a PSA featuring Kristen Bell on the International Day of Peace.

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The Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund is a non-profit seeking to empower local women in conflict zones worldwide to take a more active role in peace building processes and lift local economies. As a former Diplomacy and World Affairs major, I jumped at the chance to help when they approached our agency for fundraising assistance. We put together a pro-bono digital and social campaign that highlighted the work of women peace builders around the globe, and shot a PSA with their new spokesperson, Kristen Bell. I wrote the script and directed the PSA (on Kristen Bell's lunch break). Watching her train a kitten on the fly was one of the highlights of my career.

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