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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

Smells Like a Girl

Agency Emma Zakes Green

Client NCL 2021 | Emma Zakes Green


NCL 2021

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Smells Like a Girl is a raucous music video from punk-rock duo Lisa Frankly (i.e. my partner and I). It stars the world's most badass seven year old as she takes on the haters, explores self-expression, and slays papier mâché dinosaurs in the streets of east Los Angeles.

This project is:
Personal/passion project


My Role in This Project
When I'm not writing brand campaigns, my partner and I write feminist punk rock for children under the name Lisa Frankly. This particular passion project is called Smells Like a Girl. Inspired by the sounds and ethos of Riot Grrrl, we encourage young listeners to speak up, express themselves, and gleefully defy expectations.

I wrote the lyrics and performed the vocals on this track, then wrote and directed the accompanying music video. Because life is too short not to have this much fun.

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