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Change The News

Agency Laura Arcila

Client NCL 2022 | Laura Arcila


NCL 2022

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Mullen Lowe SSP3

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El Tiempo Newspaper

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My Role in This Project
My role in this project was as creative and art director, from the ideation of the idea.

These campaign are very relevant to me because it came from my own reflection upon seeing that many struggles against racism or in pro choice remain the same over the years and it could be seen in the similarity that exists in the protest photos from almost 40 years ago to now, as if the world hadn't changed much. This encouraged us to create these prints that showed that the news will not change until the world does, all this together with the most important newspaper in Colombia, El Tiempo.

Project Description
The world has struggled with different fights through the years, many of them are still going on. the media has been in charge of covering and bringing to light these struggles but as the years go by, the news is still the same. We are still facing with racism, inequality, ilegal abortion, wars, freedom of the press, corruption, human rights and thousands of issues that have been in the news for years. El Tiempo, the largest newspaper in Colombia, wanted to give a powerful message to the people so that we can begin to change the narrative that has been haunting us.

Now we have the opportunity to start changing our world.

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