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Good Vibes Cereal

Agency Laura Arcila

Client NCL 2022 | Laura Arcila


NCL 2022

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DAVID Bogotá

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My role in this Project was as creative and art director, from the ideation of the idea, the design of the cereal packaging, to the execution of the campaign and direction of photography and commercial.

Good Vibes is an idea that was born in a tension time for the mobile companies in Colombia, a new mobile company entered and began to have a strong presence on television and digitally with a very aggressive strategy against its competition, all the brands started to talk. We, who had recently created Virgin's new platform in Colombia, which was Good Vibes Only, decided to do something that no one would expect from a mobile company, a cereal to start your mornings with good vibes and joy. It's a very special project because it made us understand that sometimes advertising doesn't have to change the world, it just has to be fun.

Project Description
Nothing ruins people's day more than mobile companies: poor customer service, unbreakable contracts, fine print, drama. At Virgin Mobile we have the best customer service in the country, no ties, no contracts, no drama, so we decided to tell everyone that we are ONLY GOOD VIBES.

To do it, we turned the good vibes of Virgin into colorful loops and launched the first cereal made by a telephone company, so people could have good energy from the very first moment of the day: breakfast.

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