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The Beer Cap Project

Agency Laura Arcila

Client NCL 2022 | Laura Arcila


NCL 2022

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Mullen Lowe SSP3

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Aguila Beer

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My Role in This Project
My role in this project was as creative and art director.

This idea is very relevant to me, my opinion is that its a brilliant solution for one of the oldest briefs in the advertising industry, which has had millions of communication ways but few have really solved the problem, and more in a generation that doesn’t care about drinking responsibly. We found a very simple and easy way to solve a very complex problem. I like it because it’s a traditional promo media in Latin America, and we transformed it into a very powerful media that put very important global brands on the caps of a local beer. The solution was in the same place of the problem.

Project Description
Despite the efforts, young people don’t care about responsible drinking ads. Still, the global beer industry spends thousands of billions every year trying to change a behavior that the young ones still express for one single, yet powerful reason: when partying they just care about having fun.
We created a global initiative against binge drinking that invited people to eat, drink water and go home earlier when drinking alcohol.
How? The answer was right on top of our product.
We removed the logo from our bottle caps and offered that space to food chains, water brands and transportation companies. Each cap had free items such as: food, water and free rides home, the catch was that they could be redeemed only during party hours, inciting people to drink responsibly and to live responsibly.

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