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2022 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

Dead Whlae

Agency Soleil Badenhop

Client NCL 2022 | Soleil Badenhop


NCL 2022

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Dentsu Jayme Syfu

Client Name
Greenpeace Philippines

My Role in This Project
I was the writer for this outdoor stunt and PR & Social driven campaign. This was actually the first campaign of mine that won big. Before this, I was a creative tasked for smaller digital projects. Being given this opportunity to play with a bigger concept and a very important message helped unlock my confidence in myself and in my craft-- people always questioned my background as a Fine Arts graduate but I pursued a career in copywriting, this project helped me put both talents to good use. It also opened doors for someone like me in the industry. People started listening to my opinion both as a junior then and as a lesbian creative.

Project Description
The Philippines is the 3rd largest contributor of plastic wastes in the ocean in the entire world. Greenpeace wanted to urge officials to stop plastic pollution. So, on May 11, 2017, during the ASEAN Summit on Coastal and Marine Development, we unveiled a 73-ft decomposing blue whale on the shores of one of the most polluted cities in the country. As people looked closer, they saw it was made entirely of plastics. With a total of 115M impressions in over 100 countries, the Dead Whale urged ASEAN leaders to include the Coastal and Marine Protection bid in a proposal for the next ASEAN Summit.

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