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Behind the Mac | Make Something Wonderful

Agency Lindsay Cecero

Client NCL 2022 | Lindsay Cecero


NCL 2022

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TBWA\Media Arts Lab

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Launching the Behind the Mac campaign took a lot of work in setting up how we wanted this campaign to look and feel. From ideation on how to best celebrate MacBook creators, to giving it the iconic black and white look highlighting the Apple fruit on the back of the Mac, to finding the mixed range images from all disciplines and levels of famousness. We were able to craft this piece using all UGC images, sharing real everyday people and celebrities all create with a single tool, from Behind the Mac.

Project Description
Launching the Behind the Mac campaign was a tribute to some of the world’s best creators making wonderful things behind their Macs. Steve Jobs would say “Make something wonderful, and put it out there.” That is what we wanted to celebrate with this campaign, the creators, the doers, and the makers. Those who create anything and everything, from behind their Mac. By showing a range of celebrities to everyday people, we emphasized through UGC photography that anyone can create Behind the Mac, and everyone deserves to be celebrated.

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