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Saving Simon

Agency Lindsay Cecero

Client NCL 2022 | Lindsay Cecero


NCL 2022

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TBWA\Media Arts Lab

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My Role in This Project
My role in this project as the ACD Art Director was to concept a storyline that not only showed the world the iPhone 13 Pro capabilities by capturing holiday moments cinematically, but also to create a holiday card dedicated to the ones we have waited all year to be with. Bringing a holiday card to the world, from Apple. From ideation to execution, execution to delivery, I was involved in every part of this project. Helping teach Jason Reitman how to use the different unique iPhone camera features, building and designing a lovable snowman in every size possible, helping create wardrobes for an entire family, set designing a home over an entire year, and everything in between. Crafting the hero film, behind the scenes film and all of its additional assets to bring this campaign to life. Being able to share this emotional, joyful, and charming story with the world as a holiday card to the world from Apple was the best role to have.

Project Description
The holidays are the time of year when we gather with family and friends, and take a step back to enjoy each other. There’s no better camera to capture those moments than the one you already have on you. So our brief was simple. Show the world the iPhone can capture holiday moments cinematically.

Our goal was to make a holiday film that felt like a children’s book brought to life through the lens of iPhone 13 Pro. We created a story about an unbreakable bond of friendship between our main character and her snowman “Simon” as she does all she can to keep him from melting from one holiday season to the next.

This was a story for the family, shot by an iconic Hollywood family, father and son directors Jason and Ivan Reitman who took advantage of all the iPhone 13’s new features.

We wanted the perfect balance of emotion and comedy, showing the lengths our badass would go to to save her friend. We also wanted to nod to the fact that this was a year when a lot of us were finally able to reconnect with family in person, after the world situations have kept us apart. Our end line subtly encapsulates that feeling with a sense of celebration and optimism the world needed.

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