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Good Fun Club

Agency Caroline Friesen

Client NCL 2022 | Caroline Friesen


NCL 2022

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Personal/passion project


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Good Fun Club

My Role in This Project
Creative burnout is real, and it's even more apparent now that we're working longer hours, tighter deadlines, and locked to our screens. As someone who experiences panic attacks and mental exhaustion from burnout, I knew I wanted to create a space that would allow others in our industry to let go and express themselves creatively without the burden of client reviews, judgements, or a screen in front of their face.

Never would I have imagined that posting a photo of a craft I would do after work to blow off some steam, would turn into a much needed creative release for our industry. After many weeks of creating construction paper collages or pastel drawings at home (and shamelessly posting these creations to instagram), there was a definitive outcry from my network wanting to join in, which turned into a monthly art night called Good Fun Club. And that's exactly what it was, a chill night making some crafts - all in good fun.

As one of the three co-founders of GFC, I helped facilitate the nights, managed the social channels, created social content and pitch decks to partners for private events.
Harnessing my art direction background, I conceptualized and produced all things design - from the logo lockup, fonts and colour scheme, to the layout and design of social posts and website. I also designed a limited release of long sleeve t-shirts that were sold out in weeks.

Project Description
Good Fun Club is a monthly art night held in Toronto with the sole objective of creating a chill space to make a piece of art for the sake of making it. That’s it. No deadlines, no clients, no judgements.

Founded in 2019, GFC's mission is to facilitate creative expression and exploration, while fostering connections with others - regardless of job title or expertise. Each night focuses on a new craft using supplied materials. Projects varied from construction paper collages to wire sculptures to watercolour and pastel paintings.

Twenty seats were offered to each monthly event, and oftentimes would sell-out within the first hour. Through strong word of mouth, our attendees ranged from directors and photographers to doctors, lawyers and everything in between. Not long after our first event, we gained our first sponsor in Collective Arts – an Ontario, Canada based brewery whose product labels feature artwork from around the world.

As GFC grew in popularity, it expanded to private advertising parties as well as several branded partnership events with Vans and Superette. Before the pandemic hit, Good Fun Club hosted over 12 nights, 3 private events and sold over 240 tickets – providing a much-needed creative escape for individuals from all over the city. Plus, a lot of great swag - including THC infused cookies topped with artwork from our events, and long sleeve tees that sold out in weeks.

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