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Nike Women's Park

Agency Stephanie Gwee

Client NCL 2022 | Stephanie Gwee


NCL 2022

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BBH Singapore

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Creative Lead

- As only female creative in the project, I made sure to create an idea that is really true to the experiences of Thai women
- Interviewed everyday Thai women and runners to reveal their fears and concerns
- Pitched and sold the idea to the clients to create a Women's Only Running Park
- Went to the venue to help set-up the entire park along with the Nike team

Project Description
Nike Woman’s Park:
Designing an innovative training circuit in the heart of Bangkok.

The biggest sporting event in Bangkok is the Bangkok Marathon. But less than 20% of the participants were women. That’s because women found it unsafe to train for the night race along the streets.

So, we launched a special night training circuit that was not only reserved for women, but one that used light and responsive technology to train them up for the marathon. Runners just picked a route based on their fitness levels, and followed the rhythm of the lights to pace themselves and get their cardio in peak condition.

7,500 women trained with us in the park, and 2019 saw the highest number of female runners in the Bangkok Marathon. Pow!

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