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Google: Find That Thing

Agency Daisy Ifama

Client NCL 2022 | Daisy Ifama


NCL 2022

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I was initially brought in to craft an edit that encompassed the Find That Thing campaign in 60 seconds, before coming on board full-time as a creative to ensure the work was as representative and impactful as possible for a Gen Z audience.

My role spread across many areas, but I primarily worked with the creative lead, Jack Beveridge, to create a visual and movement language for the films that represented the feeling of finding objects and subsequently ‘lensing’ them to find where they could be purchased online. I also worked with the team to select all the items featured – ensuring they reflected the gender fluid, progressive nature of Gen Z fashion choices as well as falling into affordable, sustainable and independent categories where necessary.

I led the casting on the project and it was important to me that we employed a non-traditional approach for the majority of our 12 talent. I did a mix of street casting, ‘online street casting’ and casting from my network. The most crucial aspect was that they represented the world around us, with regard to ethnic, gender, sexuality and body diversity. I searched for interesting characters with expressive senses of style that were part of communities that are historically underrepresented in fashion campaigns. It was also crucial that where objects in the shoot called for scenes that represented certain cultures, our talent were from these backgrounds and thus could wholly represent them in front of the camera. On the shoot I worked with the director to ensure her creative flair and our creative and campaign needs were aligned.

I also led the search results shoot, shooting 20 items in 5 different ways on 6 different models. I made sure both the talent and style of imagery represented real-life search results.

Project Description
‘Find That Thing’ is a Google campaign, aimed at the Gen Z market, demonstrating how you can use images within the Google search engine. Research suggested that 18-24s don’t see Search as innovative but now there’s a new way to search through what you see. The ‘Find that thing’ campaign was launched primarily on social media as well as having out-of-home print and digital posts across the UK and the US.

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