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Where's Wally at QuintoAndar?

Agency Paula Keller Perego & Mellina Fontoura

Client NCL 2022 | Paula Keller Perego & Mellina Fontoura


NCL 2022

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GUT São Paulo

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This was the biggest campaign for QuintoAndar, Brazil's biggest real state online agency and we really like it, because it proves that women also know a lot about pop culture. We both read his books a lot when we were kids and when the briefing arrived, asking for a campaign that generated website traffic, we had no doubt: we had to hide Wally inside the apartments ads and make people search for them for a prize.

It was a huge challenge to get global licensing and approve this campaign with a global board, with a very short deadline. But we lead the production with good humor and ended up having fun.

Project Description
For its new campaign, QuintoAndar, the biggest digital real estate agency in Brazil, needed traffic on its platform.

We decided to hide the most searched character on QuintoAndar's platform: Waldo.

The famous traveler had already been everywhere, but he never came to Brazil. Until now. He traveled all around the country searching for his new home, visiting QuintoAndar's real estate. People had to find him to win a year of free rent.

First, we made a 15" teaser and then a 30" TVC announcing Wally's arrival.

Then, every few days, we launched a new film on social media with tips about his whereabouts.

People had to watch the films, collect the tips and use the filters inside the platform to find him in 8 different cities around brazil.

At the end of the promotion, 10 prizes of free rent were drawn.

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