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Beats Zodiac

Agency Paula Keller Perego & Mellina Fontoura

Client NCL 2022 | Paula Keller Perego & Mellina Fontoura


NCL 2022

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We created the launch campaign of AB InBev’s new beverage: Skol Beats Zodiac. A product that no one has seen before, inspired by the mysticism of the stars. We created 12 new cans, one for each sign of the zodiac and 4 different flavors, one for each element. This project was filmed during pandemic, and it was a big challenge. The campaign had 12 films, each one starring a different celebrity from each zodiac sign, including the biggest singer in Brazil, Anitta. The aesthetic of the campaign is filled with mystical illustrations, and we played with textures such as gold and metal from the cans. Every film has its own color palette, inspired by the sign elements and fun easter eggs hidden on every scene.

Another project aspect we're proud of and played an important role in is the diversity of the casting. Yes, it is a celebrity casting, but we tried to select a truly diverse cast, including black, gay, trans, non-binary and plus-size talent.

Project Description
Gen Z is obsessed with signs. So, to launch the new Skol Zodiac Beats we asked for the stars. The beverage was born on the 11/11, a mystical date that represents the opening of a powerful energetic gate. A gate that could only bring great news. On this day, we teased the internet with a mysterious film letting everyone know that something out of this world was about the come. After that, day by day we introduced a new film, starring a different celebrity from each sign and presenting the sign’s unique can. The product was a success and the campaign turned into a reality show, branded content and even a special edition for the new year’s: an exclusive bottle of champagne inspired by the mystical sign of Serpentarius, the 13th sign.

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