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2022 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

OSESP - See the Music

Agency Paula Keller Perego & Mellina Fontoura

Client NCL 2022 | Paula Keller Perego & Mellina Fontoura


NCL 2022

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This project was a proactive idea for the client to help it raise more money for its social projects, helping people in need. And it made me very proud because we did 100% myself and my partner. It was done without RTVC or account services basically. Presenting ourselves the idea to the client and talking with them through the whole process and also with the production companies, without the help of RTVC. We even carry the totems and picked up the paintings in my car. We also had little help or financial support from the agency, since it was a proactive idea - and very different from the agency's traditional type of work.

We came up with lots of problems along the way since it was a new and disruptive project, never done before. We even 3D-printed the baton in China. But with lots of resilience, the project came out.

We're really proud that, with all the struggles, this project saw the light of day, won Cannes Lion, and helped raise money for OSESP social projects, as it was such a big hit.

This really has sweat, tears, and blood (literally, got hurt carrying the totems lol) all over of it.

Project Description
OSESP is the most important Latin America orchestra, but its social projects lives off donations. Instead of asking for it, we invited OSESP’s principal conductor and music director: Marin Alsop to make paintings from classical music.

To raise money for São Paulo Symphony Orchestra (OSESP)’s social projects, we made and exhibition with paintings from the 12 most famous classical songs. We also made souvenirs.

We tracked Marin Alsop, OSESP’s principal conductor, movements while she conducted them while using a especial tech baton that transformed it into data. Then, a software transformed the data into strokes.

We printed it, she signed and we made an exhibition. The paintings will be sold on an auction in July. We also made souvenirs to raise even more money.

Marin Alsop was just the first edition and we are doing it with other conductors and other songs. Uniting music and technology, See the Music is a now permanent source of income for OSESP.

The paintings will be sold on an auction in July.
The souvenirs are already being sold at OSESP’s local store.
Several local news featured the idea and the internet loved it.
The opening night was a success: more than 1000 people came and the visitation number at OSESP increased on all the other days.
The total impact was 1.304.000 impressions.

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