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Agency Paula Keller Perego & Mellina Fontoura

Client NCL 2022 | Paula Keller Perego & Mellina Fontoura


NCL 2022

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GUT São Paulo

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Mercado Livre

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Mercado Livre is the official sponsor of Flamengo, Brazil's biggest team. And now, it was also going to sponsor Flamengo's female team. And asked us to announce this in a creative way.

We identified that If we want to change the reality of female soccer, we needed to start from the base. That's why we believed that the first project for this partnership should be about little girls.

We made it our priority to only work with women on the production (inside and ou the agency), and we're happy that we worked only with women on the client side. With a 98% female team, it was really special to lead and work on this project.

We always say that, when we are sad, we search the project hashtag and see the post from the little girls wearing the uniform and playing soccer for free. This warms our hearts so much. We really made a difference on these girls present and, hopefully, their futures in a few years.

Project Description
While male football players have multi-million sponsorship contracts, many female players don't even have contracts, not even our biggest stars in the sport. Mercado Livre, the official sponsor of the Flamengo male team and female, wanted to do something to change the reality of female soccer in Brazil.

Instead of sponsoring the biggest stars of Brazilian soccer, Mercado Livre sponsored those who haven't even started yet: all the young girls in Brazil.
We put up the Elas Jogam (Sponsorshe) kit for sale at Mercado Livre with bag, ball, squeeze and a boot voucher. Whoever bought it, won the sponsorship of Mercado Livre. Wearing the uniform with the logo, any girl can train for free in any of the 45 Flamengo Schools spread across Brazil.

We held an official Flamengo press conference, only this time, to announce a future player, who presented the Sponsorshe kit to the press.
We also ran a campaign with a new visual identity for social media, with a film, poster and actions by influencers.

The kits sold out in 12 hours and entered the top 20 best sellers on the Mercado Livre. A second batch is already on sale.

And we show that a better future for women's football is arriving, yes.

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