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2022 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

New Iconic Kisses

Agency Paula Keller Perego & Mellina Fontoura

Client NCL 2022 | Paula Keller Perego & Mellina Fontoura


NCL 2022

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GUT São Paulo

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Mercado Livre

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With only 20 days working at GUT, we received the most important Mercado Libre's brief of the year. Since Mercado Libre is GUT's biggest account, it was also the most important brief of the year for the agency. We had to create the new project for Pride Month. And the expectations were high. Last year's project, Feed Parade, was winning a lot of international awards and ended up winning Grand Prix and a gold lion at Cannes.

After many and many creative rounds - but keeping our resilience, we came up with the insight that LGBTQIA+ kisses needed to be normalized.
Believe it or not, less than 1% of the most iconic kisses are from LGBTQIA+ couples.
And when an LGBTQIA+ couple kisses on tv or movie, it causes a commotion in society.

So we decided to create a big commotion with lots of LGBTQIA+ kisses spreading all over the TV, internet, and streets of Brazil.

The casting was very important to us and we chose 100% real LGBTQIA+ couples to star the campaign.

Project Description
Brazil is the deadliest place for sexual minorities for 13 years in a roll. And in 2021 politicians were about to vote on PL 504 - a law project that intended to prohibit all advertising that shows sexual diversity. A huge setback and a threat to the LGBTQIA+ biggest struggle: representativity. So, Mercado Livre, São Paulo's Pride Parade sponsor and LATAM's biggest e-commerce, wanted to help the community.

We noticed that the most iconic kisses from TV, cinema, and art are all starred by straight couples. We needed to change that. We recreated the most iconic kisses from history, like the ones from LaLaLand, Game of Thrones, Spider-Man, Rodin, Magritte and much more. And we recreated them starring real LGBTQIA+ couples.
The kisses images were available 100% free of copyright to be downloaded, posted, and spread everywhere. Each download donated R$1 to an NGO that helps LGBTQIA+ people that were expelled from their homes. The New Iconic Kisses became t-shirts, mugs, flags, tote bags - a source of income for the LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs at Mercado Libre.

We had 500k downloads in just 2 weeks. Thousands of products using the New Iconic Kisses images were created and sold not across South America. On social media, LGBTQIA+ couples embraced the campaign and recreated so many versions of them that the Google algorithm changed. Now, for the first time, when you search "iconic kisses" on Google Images, you see LGBTQIA+ kisses on the first page of results.
+300MM people were reached and we had 1.5 billion impressions.
Mercado Libre became the most relevant brand within the category on Pride month.
For its representativity, the campaign photos earned a permanent exhibition at Google Arts and Culture. Now, LGBTQIA+ love is also part of the world's culture. Forever.
And, most importantly, PL 504 was rejected.

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