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ICEA LION - Toto Education Plan

Agency Chesang' Koech

Client NCL 2022 | Chesang' Koech


NCL 2022

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Isobar Kenya

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My role in this project was in ideating the art direction used throughout the campaign as well as developing the copy for the communications that were used across different touchpoints. Because this was an insurance product aimed at parents, I used the insight that every child has a dream to visualize how that dream can be brought to life through the assurance of a good education.

Project Description
In East Africa, education plays an important role in the opportunities that children have access to as they grow up. This means that in the region, there is a direct correlation to a child's access to education and the career opportunities that are open to them. The Toto Education Plan is an insurance product that aimed to give parents the opportunity to assure their children of a fruitful education. For the campaign, we visualized the dreams that children have and who they can become when they follow those dreams, showing parents why their investment in their child's future is important today.

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