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2022 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

Pampers - Songa Na Pamper's Pants

Agency Chesang' Koech

Client NCL 2022 | Chesang' Koech


NCL 2022

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Isobar Kenya

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Procter & Gamble

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My Role in This Project
My role in this campaign was as a Creative Lead. This involved leading the agencies conceptualization, scripting and production, being involved with all stages of the process - from cracking the brief, to coming up with the dance moves!

Project Description
Pampers Pants are designed to give babies the best range of movement, however this product had a low market share. During the beginning of the pandemic, the worlds between "work" and "home" were completely blurred. This meant that working mother's had to balance both of these roles while finding ways to be great at each. By using the swahili word for "movement" (songa), we created a fun engagement campaign around moving with your baby, giving mothers and babies who were in lockdown a fun activity they could do indoors, while also promoting the benefit of our Pants.

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