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Taken Reservations

Agency Agustina Lavignasse

Client NCL 2022 | Agustina Lavignasse


NCL 2022

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McCann Spain

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DGT (Spanish Department for Transport)

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My Role in This Project
I was one of the two creatives behind the project and the copywriter. I fell in love with the brief because inclusion has many faces and should go beyond gender, race, or nationality. This was a creative window to show how much work we still have to do as a society
if we are not even able to respect the disabled's rights.

I remember how this idea was definitely not among the CD's favorite ones, so she wasn't sure about presenting it to the client. However, I had a strong feeling about the impact it could have. So, since we (the creative team) were the only ones going to the client meeting from the creative side, I decided to include it on the deck anyway.

The client saw its potential and bought it right away. Hey! I am not trying to say that you should skip your CD. However, this made me feel confident about my criteria, which creatives need more opportunities to show. From the beginning, I saw it could hit a nerve in the audience, and it did. When you have this feeling, you should act on it and dare to make decisions, and this was the right project to take a chance on since it was not the next big thing. Later, it won several recognitions, including a gold on the most renowned Hispanic award show: El Ojo de Iberoamérica.

This project taught me that trusting your voice is worth it and that you should use it to convince others to put fresh and different ideas out there.

Project Description
Unbelievable, but true. In Spain, too many do not respect the parking spaces reserved for handicapped drivers. Shamefully, the only disability they have is moral. This is why, The Spanish Department for Transport wanted to raise awareness about this problem.

Aiming to change this behavior, we decided to give Spaniards a taste of their own medicine.
How? By not respecting the reservations people had already confirmed for a night out in a country where leisure is a deep part of the culture and where it’s almost impossible to go out without a reservation. Especially at the time of the year that the campaign was launched, right before Christmas, a season when everyone is gathering with family, colleagues, and friends; and restaurants, hotels, and theaters are particularly packed.

A campaign crafted with real calls turned into three radio spots that aired in a media that still reaches most drivers. With an impact that went beyond it, since it made it to the prime time news, something very unusual for “just” a radio campaign.

The victim's reaction on the phone? A lesson of empathy for an entire country.

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