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2022 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

The Inequality Detector

Agency Agustina Lavignasse

Client NCL 2022 | Agustina Lavignasse


NCL 2022

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McCann Spain

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La Villita | SIGMA Alimentos

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My Role in This Project
I am proud to say that the entire creative team behind this project was female. However, I was the only one being also part of the latinx community. This helped a lot, because even though I come from a different socio-economic background, I was able to feel culturally closer to the target and connect with the brief in a deeper way, which probably triggered the idea.

Being Latina was also important for the script, which I was able to write in a way that felt natural for the target and using local slang, instead of expressions from Spain, the country where the creativity was coming from.

Furthermore, it was my third year in a row working on the brief. So, this gave me many inputs to make sure the target felt represented on the TVC casting and situations. The brand is not talking to empowered Mexican women, the ones we usually see on beauty contests or anchoring Telemundo news. This goes to the majority of Mexican women who haven't had the opportunity to get educated or to do other work besides the home.

This campaign might not be the most famous or awarded one but, for me, it delivers a very necessary message to a society that still has a long way to go on changing their mindset to a more equal and fair one.

Project Description
Gender inequality is not only happening at work or in industries like advertising. Unfortunately, it is also a problem at home. Something even more common in developing countries where more urgent matters have prevented this one from stopping.

La Villita is a well-known Mexican brand of dairy products marketed to a low-income society sector. Their communication aims to create awareness around equal collaboration with household chores since Mexican women spend 6.2 more hours a week working at home than men.

In this context, we found an alarming discovery: most men do not collaborate at home because they do not even recognize the problem's existence. Inequality is something they have normalized because it's been happening forever. Taking care of the kids, doing the laundry, or cooking are female-only associated tasks, and this is something culturally settled.

So, we came up with this idea to help inequality signals not to go unnoticed, so men and children can start changing behaviors at home towards an equal society.

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