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2022 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

Trapped in the 90's

Agency Agustina Lavignasse

Client NCL 2022 | Agustina Lavignasse


NCL 2022

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McCann Spain

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IKEA Spain

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Even though I am a millennial, not a Gen Zer, I was the youngest person on the team. Not only on the creative side but also on the client side, accounts, production, etc. Therefore, the closest to this generation. So, besides being the copywriter, this made me play a key role in keeping the idea authentic to the generation we were portraying. It was not about making fun of them but laughing with them by stressing an inevitable generation gap. In the end, the show's main objective was to entertain, and it did. Not only Gen Zers but an entire country got hooked on the episodes, posting comments such as: "This is better than Temptation Island".

Furthermore, the casting of this idea was pivotal to its success. We wanted to have popular influencers on it while making everyone feel represented by the contestants. So, diversity helped with the show's popularity. Thanix, the gamer we chose, was the first woman to start making Twitch Lives in Spain. Also, my AD partner and I pushed on choosing Mia, a transgender woman who turned out to be the favorite contestant of the fans who picked her as the ultimate winner.

Project Description
In 1996 IKEA opened its doors in Spain. Since then, the brand has transformed Spanish homes by bringing in a more practical lifestyle in a country where heavy and dark brown furniture was part of the culture. Coincidentally, as IKEA was born, so did a new generation: Gen Z.

A generation who took the brand for granted since they’ve always had it in their lives. So, to make them love IKEA, we took IKEA away. And this is how six contestants were locked up in a house from the past for the sake of reality TV.

Itchy blankets, explosive gas stoves, and a bathroom with no room for storage or selfies were the contestants’ every day at the 90’s house. Their only hope? IKEA’s new product drops that contestants could get by winning challenges and that brought tensions and fun to the show.

Cannes Lions | Silver | creative commerce – entertainment
Cannes Lions | Silver | media
Cannes Lions | Bronze | creative commerce – engagement
El Sol | 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze
cdec (Spanish Creative Festival) | 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 1 x Bronze

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