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One Word Dictionary

Agency Julia Malavazzi

Client NCL 2022 | Julia Malavazzi


NCL 2022

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BETC São Paulo

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Hershey's launched a platform to give women more space and visibility. At the same period time, something was brought to our's attention: sororidade, which means sisterhood in Portuguese, was not in our dictionaries. So my role here was to find a way to get attention to this problem and use the Her She platform to bring light to it.

Project Description
In Portuguese, “sororidade” it’s a synonymous for sisterhood. But a word as relevant as this is not yet in most of the main dictionaries in Brazil. that's why we created the One-Word Dictionary: Sororidade.

With only definitions for sororidade, each page was illustrated and diagrammed in a different way, to enhance each one of the definitions written by strong and talented women from different fields, with different cultures and backgrounds.

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