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Agency Patricia Medeiros

Client NCL 2022 | Patricia Medeiros


NCL 2022

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Circus MediaMonks

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This was a project that made me proud to be able to do more than a creative idea, it is to see that you can do good with a campaign. At that time, I worked at a very small agency in Madrid called Circus, where the creative team was an art director, a writer, a community manager and I. At the time, they were the ones who took the brand on social networks, but they weren't used to creating and producing campaigns.
At this job I was the only “creative” with a team of communities, to create and develop the idea with them, I was at the same time art director and creative director. Even though I didn't have that position, I was turned the project leader. I helped the social team to structure the idea, to develop the scripts and to present the client.

After passing this first stage, we were able to call on a director who won gold at the Cannes Lions festival, Toby Die, to be our production partners. He fell in love with the idea and fell in with the money we had to make it a reality. He was the person who could put this idea to rest in the best possible way, I also helped the team in production meetings, since it wasn’t an agency that did many productions at that time.

The project in the end came out as the client wanted and as we wanted, after we finished the project and it was a success, the same idea was adapted and used to communicate the Netflix series in other countries. A few months after the project, I was promoted to head of art at the agency, where I had the opportunity to lead the team on other campaigns.

Project Description
Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" series addresses a very common topic among teenagers, 'bullying'. For the launch of Season 2, we created an activation with the aim of making an impact on 'bullying' in Spain, with real students from a school, in a social experiment.

The activation was carried out by teenagers of both sexes from a school in Madrid, where twenty students gathered in a classroom and performed 3 tasks.
The first task was to ask them to write on a blackboard the insults they hear every day, “whore and piece of shit”, were some of them that filled the blackboard. After writing them, those who had already gone through these moments presented themselves in front of everyone and explained what they felt when listening to him.

The second task they were given was to exchange the insults that appeared on the board for three qualities they admired in their pairs, the result was uncomfortable as the number of young people who received insults is much higher than those who were publicly praised by their pairs.

To end the experiment, the students had to say aloud who they thought of when writing these qualities: "No one tells me positive things," says one of the students, "just because they don't tell you, doesn't mean you don't have them" and "no matter how insignificant three words may seem, they can make a person feel great" was one of the words of support that other students gave each other.

The video was shown on Netflix's social networks, having 100% user acceptance and more than 3 million views organically in the first week. The social experiment was applied in some Spanish schools as an educational way to combat bullying and used in other countries to promote the series.

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