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Everything has an origin

Agency Patricia Medeiros

Client NCL 2022 | Patricia Medeiros


NCL 2022

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As with the most of times I was the only woman on this project. My initial role was help with the visual part, without putting me too much into the project. In this agency, in the beginning, it was very difficult because the vast majority didn't know how to work with a head of art. The creative director at the time didn't include me much in the campaign and just “told me on” what I had to do.
Always offering help and trying to be patient with the situation, there was only one art director who at that moment understood that my role there wasn't to execute but to help him to elevate the art direction. We started working for together little by little and defined other points of the, I started to feel part of the project. The creative director was still trying to exclude me, perhaps out of insecurity, but little by little I was changing his opinion.
With a great repercussion for the activation, the client asked us to develop an entire communication campaign. I helped the team develop the visual part, find a photographer who would show the truth we wanted to transmit (Ale Burset) and even get it internally and with a client budget to be able to hire him.
In the meantime, part of the team was fired, and I had to take over the leadership of project 100% along having on my team, an art director and another an art supervisor. From this change, I found myself in a much more integrated team where all opinions were valid. We developed all the campaign and video case.
The client loved the entire campaign that the photos we produced were used for another campaign by TBWA for the McDonald's.

Project Description
In Spain, many consumers still do not trust fast food chains. The cliché of being “food of dubious origin or of poor quality” is widespread, mainly because it is a country with such a strong gastronomic tradition.
To combat this perception and show its commitment to local production and quality ingredients in its products, McDonald's, for the first time in its 80-year history, used its “M” totem that locates its restaurants to locate the origin of its products foods.

Over 6 months, we installed McDonalds totems in agricultural areas in a field in Murcia that has a lettuce plantation, on a farm in Lugo where some of the cheese varieties are made and another in Soria where they obtain part of the cereals to make the flour.

This action was created to highlight the multinational's commitment to the local economy, sustainability and quality.

Apart from the activation in the fields, we also developed a graphic campaign with the photographer Ale Burset, where we showed not only the fields where the bad totems were installed, but also to show those who work and develop these products with all the effort. We won some awards as a WinaFestival, El Sol Festival, CdeC and shortlis at OneShow.

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