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2022 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

KFC Majorca

Agency Patricia Medeiros

Client NCL 2022 | Patricia Medeiros


NCL 2022

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Many KFC projects, I had to work a couple of times as an art director to help the team to resolve briefings faster. When this is happened, I like to work side by side with the art directors, discussing how it can be improved, asking the team's opinion and working as an equal as a creative, making our relationship one of respect, reciprocity and trust. At that time, we had a very junior team.
This trust that we created made me very proud of the project and the team that worked on it. My role in this campaign was to 100% supervise the idea and how to get the team to develop it in the best way as possible.
It was a simple project but difficult at the same time because we needed to communicate on a billboard the new KFC store, it was in a place where it was known for having an Ikea store. KFC Spain, for being disruptive, always looked for the most different idea as possible. After two weeks we managed to arrive at THE IDEA, something easy to execute, direct, different and based on art direction.
My role was to lead the development of the briefing ideas, present it to the client with the team and make the video case. A 100% visual idea, 100% developed by the creatives team and that made me 100% proud.

Project Description
If something characterizes the KFC Spain, it's peculiar and renewed way of communicating and once again we did it in a different way.
With the opening of the new KFC store in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, located in a shopping center, we realized that we had a big problem, the location is in an area popularly known as “where IKEA is”. Few people know this shopping center by name (Polígono de son Malferit) but by the area for housing the IKEA store on the island.
For the restaurant to gain traction and for people to know where to find the new KFC restaurant, we “stole” the typography and logo colors from IKEA.
We created a billboard that utilized the Swedish brand’s characteristically memorable for the blue and yellow colors, as well as typography in an oval logo and the KFC logo (which bore great resemblance to IKEA’s). And in case it hadn't been completely clear, the billboard was followed by the sentence “You know where we are” to finish directing consumers to the new KFC store.
The action had a huge impact on Twitter, where KFC shared a photo of the billboard mentioning IKEA. The Swedish brand accepted the campaign with humor and quickly joined the conversation, thanking them "for telling people where the #ChickenChicken is in our HUVUDROLL meatballs". Throughout the day, the two companies shared many jokes online, and had more than 6,000 interactions.
We won some awards as a Cannes Lions, El Ojo, El Sol and shortlis at OneShow and Clio Awards.

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