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Agency Patricia Medeiros

Client NCL 2022 | Patricia Medeiros


NCL 2022

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At the time this idea was created, I was working as a head of art at the agency. As much as my role was more visual, I was always involved in creativity. In this project my role was to evaluate the ideas and discuss creative team..
My role was to find a visual that represented the idea good enough, the objective was to communicate that YouTube videos became codes for a fried chicken promotion. I led a very small team, with a junior art director and an intern. In this case, I had to work as a leader and as a senior art director.
The video campaign was created from cuts of YouTube videos of people imitating the original KFC recipe. The idea was to form sentences that explain about the promotion using words from the videos. A project that seemed difficult to carry out due to the time and budget, in two weeks we had campaign finished.
Apart from the promotion video, the promo web, prints and video case. It was an ambitious project because we needed finding the right.
Another important point of this idea was developing the more logistical part of how to make the web work with YouTube links, as well as creating a cheesy web-style converter look, since the idea was to convert YouTube links into discount codes.
My role as a leader on this project was to be side by side with the team, working and showing that putting in the effort is all worth it. This project so far was the agency's most awarded project.
I leaded side by side with the team, working with them and showing that putting in the effort is all worth it. And it really paid off. This project so far was the agency's most awarded project.

Project Description
KFC Spain is one of the brands with the most engagement on social networks, becoming the absolute leader in interactions on Twitter and other platforms. The brand communicates with a great deal of humor, creativity and spontaneity.

To communicate that there are many copies of the original KFC recipe but only ours is the original, we created a promo to bring users closer and make them try the true recipe.
There are almost 516,000 videos on the internet that promise to teach you how to cook Colonel Sanders' original recipe, created in 1952, with 11 secret species that was never discovered. For this reason, we decided to reward for the effort and time people invested trying to make this recipe (fans, copycats and foodies) by giving them the authentic Kentucky original in exchange for these URLs.

To communicate the campaign, we created a promotional video with different video cuts from the original KFC recipe attempts and a tool that filtered original fan videos and redeemed URLs for free chicken codes.
We developed a website capable of tracking these revenue-related videos through cross-referencing different keywords and the YouTube API search engine. Users copied the URL of that landing page and, if the information was correct and the video was "original", a code was generated that could be redeemed at KFC.

The promo activation included a video and a teaser video campaign that was shared on KFC's social media and through paid campaigns with influencers.
In total, we had an impact of 1.2 million views. 13M impressions. 800K interactions. +46% in-app conversion rate vs. 4% on average. 14K of videos exchanged in 24 hours. 28k chicken pieces delivered. 19.97% increase in visits to KFC restaurants. We won Cannes, OneShow, ElSol Festival and CdeC (Spain).

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