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2022 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

Crown Paints - Living Life in Colour

Agency Joss Ng'ang'a

Client NCL 2022 | Joss Ng'ang'a


NCL 2022

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Personal/passion project

Creative VMLY&R Kenya

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Crown Paints Kenya

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My Role in This Project
Concept Development. Lead Writer

As a person who has always been the youngest in the room, I’ve had to contend with always being put in a box. “There’s only so much you can bring to the table. “Millennials don’t like hard work”. “A new job? It’s not even been two years”. As the lead writer on this project, it was important to me to help tell each individual’s story in a way that challenged common misconception. My art director and I pitched the idea to our client and set the ball rolling. First, making several visits to Zabibu centre to get to know each individual so they were comfortable enough to share their stories and would be comfortable with us on set. We recorded our chats and interviews, which served as the basis of the stories that were told. On set, we worked with a talented crew that brought to life the colourful spirit of each individual.

Project Description
Crown Paints, one of the leading paint brands in Kenya has long believed in helping Kenyans crown their spaces. For their 2019 brand calendar, we proposed leaning into what they know best, paint and sought to crown people in society who are often overlooked.

A blind man. An ex-convict. A hard of hearing woman.

We partnered with Zabibu centre, a haven for people living with disabilities, and unravelled 6 stories. We brought their personalities to life using colour. Their stories and visuals were the front and centre of the calendar, which was distributed to over 20, 000 Kenyans. This set the ball rolling for the brand to have conversations about the perception of the less privileged online. We printed a special batch of calendars in braille to present to some of the individuals at the Centre and finally, introduced training programs that continue to equip learners with different skills in painting.

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