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2022 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

Headspace 254 - Where does your head take you?

Agency Joss Ng'ang'a

Client NCL 2022 | Joss Ng'ang'a


NCL 2022

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Project Type
Personal/passion project

Creative VMLY&R Kenya

Client Name
Headspace 254

My Role in This Project
After years of churning work, dealing with ridiculous timelines and the pressure to always create awesome on the fly, I was near a breaking point. A familiar feeling amongst creatives in this industry. It was clear that this was a problem. This was the environment that gave rise to this idea. My art director and I collaborated on the concept and we approached two organisations. Headspace 254 as our mental health partner and MarketPower as our printing partner. We developed the calendars and they were distributed to creatives all around agencies in Kenya.

Project Description
With budgets being cut and the pressure to produce creative work in record time increasing, the pressure on today's advertising creative is approaching - and maybe has passed - breaking point. Add to this the notion that you have to submit to your vices to be your true self, the result is creative burnout and recourse to harmful, destructive habits.

As a response to this, we created a calendar that encouraged daily monitoring of our states of mind. Each month highlighted a common coping mechanism. At the end of each month, the calendar user would be able to have a picture of how they were doing mentally and if need be, could call a number and talk to a professional

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