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Maepranom ‘Mother of the Kitchen’

Agency Warangrat Rattanabumrung

Client NCL 2022 | Warangrat Rattanabumrung


NCL 2022

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Sour Bangkok

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Maepranom is a legendary brand with a contemporary problem: they don’t connect with the new generation. When I got the brief, I saw great potential because this is a well known brand that everyone no longer talks about.

We started by reimagining the brand on social media, turning the brand character of Maepranom into the ultimate wife coach who represents all mothers. This became a very insightful platform loved by all house wives, providing social posts with topics which combine relationships and cooking.

When the new brand image was established, we released a film to launch a new product, Thai chili sauce, packaged in a tube. We used its convenient function as an insightful premise for the film. It’s about a couple arguing about using a bowl for the chili sauce. (Yes, couples do argue about small stupid things like this.) This situation is resolved with the new tubed chili sauce. This film also acts as a wife coach teaching couples to listen to each other to have a happier marriage. It doesn’t only sell the products but also solidifies that new brand image of Maepranom as the “Mother of Kitchen”.

Project Description
The chilli sauce MaePranom (Mother “Pranom”) is the legendary brand that has been with Thai people, especially housewives, for 61 years. The brand wanted to connect with younger generation who seeks for convenient lifestyle by launching the new package, an instant Tube Sauce.

MaePranom spices up the couple’s night in hilarious film aiming to connect with a younger audiences with the new packaging for the chilli sauce.

The idea demonstrated a moody relationship of marriage couples whose tiny problem has gone so big without good listening of each other. Directed by the most famous Thai Director, Thanonchai. The story is entertaining and filled with lots of unexpected twists until we know that there is MaePranom sauce in tube package to help solve the couple’s life issue.

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