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A Little Help From A Bud

Agency Sofia Rosell

Client NCL 2022 | Sofia Rosell


NCL 2022

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Budweiser wanted to create a deeper connection within the brand's relationship to women, and as the only female creative on the brief, I dedicated all my hours to creating something that would do exactly that. Instead of making another sexist bathroom poster, I decided to turn them into messages for good. I wrote a message on a bathroom poster that became a universal way for Budweiser to speak to women who were feeling harassed or in danger. How? We simply provided them with a secret way to communicate with bartenders about finding safety. Not only did I win multiple awards for the brand with this campaign, but I also provided women with an actual tool for safety thanks to a simple bathroom poster. I worked closely with my partner as well as our Creative Director’s to design the posters as well as concept, film, edit and produce the entire launch campaign.

Project Description
Concepted due to personal experience, we created a simple idea that turned bathroom posters into a media space to talk directly to women who were feeling harassed or in danger at a bar. The posters provided a communication tool that was effectively a solution to communicate with bartenders in a safe manner.

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