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Frozen #FoodPorn

Agency Sofia Rosell

Client NCL 2022 | Sofia Rosell


NCL 2022

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DAVID The Agency

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Devour Kraft-Heinz

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My partner and I concepted, wrote, tested, filmed and produced the entire 2019 Super Bowl campaign for Kraft-Heinz Devour. Thanks to some amazing clients, we were able to take a social trending hashtag and turn it into a ridiculous world where the product was at the center of it all. Humor is one of my absolute favorite styles of writing, and the experience of writing not only this spot, but three others that were supporting films to the campaign was a dream come true. We were able to be weird and quirky, yet still create a memorable film that landed the brand in the top 10 Super Bowl spots that year. As my first big game ad, it was a huge achievement to be considered one of the core team members to have made it happen.

Project Description
We brought the trending hashtag #FoodPorn to the big game by creating an entire campaign around their beautifully photographed product. Through this campaign, Kraft-Heinz Devour was able to increase sales by 70%, effectively saving the brand.

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