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Typical Americans

Agency Sofia Rosell

Client NCL 2022 | Sofia Rosell


NCL 2022

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My partner and I came up with the idea to do the entire 2020 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial around an insult, and ended up selling it through all the way to the big game. From concepting the original idea to creating all the testing materials, we worked on the project for almost an entire year before it was officially approved and moved into production. As the only woman creative on the project, I had to fight and raise my voice about having a woman director to help take this commercial to the next level, and it worked. We had the amazing opportunity to work with Kathryn Bigelow on this project, creating the first Super Bowl commercial for Budweiser that was ever shot by a woman. We also created the supporting social campaign around the spot as well as Typical American packaging to go with it.

Project Description
For the 2020 Super Bowl, Budweiser tasked us with creating a message to unite Americans during one of the most divisive moments in our country’s history. By juxtaposing footage of American people at their best with the words used to describe them at their worst, the brand was able to cut through the clutter of the big game and create a message that inspired their national market on just how “typical” they really are.

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