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2022 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

Vanguards of Photography

Agency Sofia Rosell

Client NCL 2022 | Sofia Rosell


NCL 2022

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GUT Agency

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Call of Duty

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As the Senior Copywriter on this project, I brought the creative concept to this campaign to launch Call of Duty's most realistic game yet. With. the task of reaching a wider audience than just Call of Duty fans, I came up with the idea to virtually drop real war photographers into the game. Their perspective in the game would soon become a very unique and interesting way to tell Call of Duty's most diverse, authentic story yet. However, as we began production, I quickly realized I was the only woman on the project as well as the most junior creative on the team. But. as the creative that had the original idea and vision, I used my voice to make sure we casted a war photographer that identified as a woman to include a different perspective than most were expecting. I felt it was imperative to the project to include Alex in our cast, and to this day we are all so glad we did. Her photos ended up being some of the best pieces of content we got on the entire shoot, and I am still so proud of her performance. Without her, this piece wouldn't be what it is.

Project Description
Call of Duty: Vanguard was developed by scanning real environments, equipment, and vehicles from World War II on a 1:1 scale, making it the most realistic and historically accurate war video game yet. This sounds amazing to hardcore gamers who know about these technical achievements. But someone who doesn’t know about video games, won’t understand why Vanguard is so immersive. So, our challenge was to launch an experience that would allow non-gamers to immerse themselves inside this true-to-life WWII world – and we did just that.
We put Call of Duty’s realism to the test with the “Vanguards of Photography,” activation that shows just how real the game is by documenting the experience just like a war journalist would in real life. We partnered up with renowned war photographers and sent them to document real historical WWII battles, but inside our game. To make sure the experience was as authentic as possible to photographers who have been in real conflict zones, we worked with gaming developers and engineers to create a virtual camera that gave the photographers all the freedom that a camera on the battlefield would. They could walk around the space, switch lenses, change perspective, and pick the framing. Not only that, but we also designed the room to have sound and light that matches the effects of the game.

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