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Blanket Statments

Agency Emily Sheehan

Client NCL 2022 | Emily Sheehan


NCL 2022

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Personal/passion project

Mother New York

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Mother Goods

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My Role in This Project
My (also female) creative partner and I were given the task of creating literal blankets under the title of 'Blanket Statements' as a creative brief for Mother Goods (the digital shop window of Mother, which here describes itself as 'a creative, multidisciplinary institution that seeks to improve the world, even if only in silly, marginal ways'). We could have said obviously-incorrect or merely funny things on these blankets, clever turns of phrase you'd find in a gift shop - but we wanted to make a statement about overarching statements. I pushed myself to write a series of social commentary statements that could be read two ways: one way that pushes toxic positivity in a 'the world isn't that bad, cheer up, smile more' way - and one way (the right way) that points out society's current issues. But in the form of a very soft, very cozy blanket (that you purposefully have to lean in to read). The contrast was striking.

Project Description
A “blanket statement” is a generalization, a stereotype. A thoughtless assertion about an idea or a group of people. Our Blanket Statements are literal blankets - but our statements can be read in two very different ways: so you can cozy up with some not-so-cozy ideas.

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