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More Than a Game

Agency Leticia Tercini

Client NCL 2022 | Leticia Tercini


NCL 2022

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AKQA São Paulo

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Free Fire

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As Art Director in the More Than a Game Project, I was able to think about the conception of the film and the art direction as a whole, from the lettering, to mainly delving into the real meaning that Free Fire has for young people from the suburbs of the most different parts of Brazil.

I have always been passionate about games and always felt the weight of the masculine atmosphere around the gaming scene (almost like a "boy area"). Being able to talk to so many girls and hear their stories inside and outside the game, was something that Leticia from years ago would not have believed.

Free Fire is an extremely democratic and inclusive game, which is why this film could not be different. Anyone who has access to a cellphone, regardless of price or model, can be part of the game, and that's what made it a surreal phenomenon. It was the most downloaded game in Brazil and in the world in 2020. Free Fire is in Taças das Favelas (a championship held between favelas in all states) and Copa das Aldeias (a championship exclusive to indigenous communities), which reaches low-income and indigenous communities across the country.

The casting was not just about diversity, it was about reality. In addition to the casting, everything there was thought to represent the different parts of Brazil. The track brings the universe of Brazilian funk, and at the same time, it mixes with other Brazilian rhythms. Everything there tells a story and brings a lot of Brazilian culture in the minimum details from the locations, to the most different dialects, places, clothes, and the feeling that each player has of being part of something bigger, which is this great Free Fire community.

Project Description
In Brazil, Free Fire is way more than the most downloaded and played game of all time. It is a phenomenon that has entered into the local culture in countless ways. It has turned into a style, lifestyle, career, family, and dream. Here, the game is more than a game.

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