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This is Pride

Agency Leticia Tercini

Client NCL 2022 | Leticia Tercini


NCL 2022

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J. Walter Thompson

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We should be able to celebrate every part of who we are. With the This is Pride Project, we were able to turn independent artists who fight every day to be who they are into protagonists of a campaign of the biggest beauty brand in Brazil, which is extremely powerful and representative.

This was a very special project for me as an LGBTQIA+ person myself. As Art Director, I participated in all stages of the project, from the creation of the concept to the choice of casting, which was done with extreme care.

Along with the directors, who were also LGBTQIA+ people, we set out to be as inclusive as possible, representing all categories of people in the film.
We celebrated the beauty of diversity in different aspects of the people portrayed in the main film: the hair, the style, the voice, and the attitude. Everything that could have been a reason to be ashamed or intimidated was a reason to be proud.

In the 4 short personal contents, we brought emotional clippings of each person represented in the film, talking about their life and their pride.

In addition to the main film and the short personal contents, we joined the biggest newspaper in Brazil, Folha de São Paulo, and turned our campaign into a podcast. Our cast, once again, spoke about politics, social issues, representation, and pride.

Project Description
Brazil is one of the most homophobic countries in the world. Celebrating LGBTQIA+ people is, beyond anything else, an act of resistance.

For Pride Month, we celebrate every part of who we are.

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