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To the Moon

Agency Sandra Valencia

Client NCL 2022 | Sandra Valencia


NCL 2022

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David + Martin

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Coming from projects that involved heavy research and relation skills, I was a bit intimidated to work in Film again. However, I had an incredible team partner, Stephany Schlappkohl, and experienced creative directors who gave us the breadth and challenge that made the work. We were not buying into clichés or stereotypes and crypto meant the opportunity to not only challenge financial institutions but the systematic barriers that they created. We wanted a culture-insightful, powerful, and gap-defying script. One of our greatest decisions was to appeal casting decisions and push for our main talent Aretha Ayeh. We were super happy with the results and of course, people noticed the work, especially refreshing compared to other celebrity and male-led campaigns.

My greatest takeaway: Every project is an opportunity to actively challenge and revert stereotypes.

Project Description
Austria’s first unicorn startup introduces a new, simple way to invest: One that’s twenty-four-seven skips the blah blah and puts your money where your hands are. We helped open the possibilities of investing to everyone, not just the crypto-bros or big suits.

How did we bring both audiences together? Through meme culture and vibrant characters that allowed viewers to expand their financial imaginations.

Can you spot all the meme-stock references?

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