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Freedom Grams

Agency Sandra Valencia

Client NCL 2022 | Sandra Valencia


NCL 2022

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On the project Freedom Grams I worked primarily as a Copywriter and in R&D. It was clear early on in the team that we needed to represent the voices of those affected by cannabis criminalization accurately and put the people who were already advocating policy change at the front and core of our execution. It was my pleasure to find and collaborate with our partners from the Last Prisoner Project and Gaby Inc. because it was clear that beyond making charitable contributions, Freedom Grams resonated on a personal level with those affected.

My greatest takeaway: Advocacy is best led by those who have been historically underrepresented. Those with privilege: listen.

Project Description
Since the start of the War on Drugs, thousands of individuals have been imprisoned for cannabis in the US. These cases are for possession of as little as less than a gram of cannabis, and condemned with up to life sentences. With cannabis laws a blur between state borders, many former constituents are left facing scarce job and living opportunities even after release.

Freedom Grams is a non-profit cannabis industry coalition between Aroya, Gaby Inc., and the Last Prisoner Project. As the catalyst, a cannabis brand selling the exact amounts of cannabis that people are in prison for. Buying a pack allows the community to take action by directly donating all proceeds to cannabis criminal justice reform through LPP.

Any grower or retailer can also use the Freedom Grams labels to support the release of cannabis criminal injustice by becoming a partner.

To learn about the effects of the War on Drugs, individual cases or buy a pack go to

Read our Forbes interview by Amanda Siebert:

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