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The Joy of Painting Mountain Dew

Agency Ashley Veltre

Client NCL 2022 | Ashley Veltre


NCL 2022

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TBWA\Chiat\Day NY

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When Mountain Dew came to us, they wanted to remind people how refreshing their drink was. Their work in the past had been full throttle-BMX-chugging stuff, and I wanted to go in the complete opposite direction. So when I heard key words in the brief like "icy, cool, green, delicious" I thought of someone that used overly descriptive language and knew a thing or two about the color green and cold environments - Bob Ross.

I think the words from my bosses were "these two things don't really belong together but now makes sense."

After we came up with the idea, we wrote a :15 second commercial and a 40 minute film where you could paint a bottle of Dew in a snowy landscape from beginning to end. It not only gave people something to do, but brought people to a place they could escape to for a while.

We partnered with the amazing team at The Mill who brought Bob to life with us. We also worked closely with Bob Ross Inc. who is run by his long-time producer and her family, to honor him and get first-hand insight to exactly how he would do it.

Project Description
As attention spans supposedly get shorter and shorter, ad formats are doing the same.

But 2020 was a rough year. And 2021 didn’t need another short and boring product commercial. Or some unhelpful product placement. It needed Bob Ross – the painter and beloved TV host of “The Joy of Painting”. There just hasn’t been a new episode in almost 30 years.

The world needed more Bob Ross. So we used AI and facial mapping technology to create a new, 40-minute episode of Bob Ross’ classic show. Where he teaches the world to paint some mountains, some snow, and a frosty cold bottle of MTN Dew.

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