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ONE Asia Creative Awards celebrates the best creative work of the year from the Asia Pacific region. Formerly known as the One Show Greater China Awards, which was founded in 2014 by The One Club for Creativity, the awards were established because of the tremendous growth and evolution of creativity in the Asia Pacific market. It presents an unparalleled level of prestige and honor for creatives, designers and innovators in the region. The awards are a fusion of culture where East meets West that brings the creativity of the region to the global stage.

2021 ONE Asia - Branded Entertainment

Naming the invisible by Digital Birth Registration

Agency Ogilvy Pakistan / Islamabad

Client Telenor Pakistan



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60 million Pakistanis were invisible for the state as unregistered citizens, devoid of their legal right of identity. Changing this reality was a huge challenge, but also an opportunity to reduce inequalities on a huge scale. Telenor capitalized on Pakistan’s transformative Tele density (80%) to undertake an initiative to not only sustain its dominance in the un-tapped rural markets (67% of Pakistan) but also to gain acceptance at political & community levels to undo the stereotype of being a ‘foreign’ Telco with a ‘Western’ agenda . By leapfrogging outdated, paper-based processes Telenor launched an Android mobile App, Digital Birth Registration (DBR) in Pakistan’s most populous provinces Rural Sindh & Punjab with maximum unregistered births in the country. Volunteers (health workers, marriage registrars etc.) moved door to door to fill the online form & captured key documents using a phone camera. Each application reached authorities online via the DBR app and the subject received a certificate on their phone upon government approval. Results • Highest ever earned mentions for Telenor, 80% positive • Coverage by renowned local and international media, UN agencies, donors (GSMA, DIFID & the World Bank etc.) • 426 villages in Pakistan are DBR enabled (1083% more than planned). • 1.2+ million children are no longer invisible; 50% out of those are girls (140% Target vs. Achievement) • Registration time reduced to 10 mins • Less than 1% of the applications have been rejected by government (9% better acceptance rate than planned) • The Government plans to scale DBR to 36 more districts • One district will soon reach universal birth registration a first in Pakistan’s history • Due to the subsequent uplift of these provinces Telenor also earned data revenue of PKR 15.8 million in 2020 & avg. revenue per user in DBR enabled districts has increased by 100% • DBR has also successfully piloted in Myanmar

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Ogilvy Pakistan / Islamabad


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